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Welcome to Better Sleep Newzzzz

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We know a good night's sleep is essential for a healthy and productive life, but for many people it is not possible. We believe our line of fine mattresses and down bedding help promote better, healthier sleep. In our endeavour to bring our customers any information we can to benefit their sleep life we offer this page of information and links on better sleep. Check back frequently for what's new on better sleep.

Start with what we recommend for a perfect night's sleep.

* The right mattress.

* A cushiony down bed or featherbed.

* A top quality down comforter.

* Top quality down pillows.

Choosing the Right Mattress for You

The Better Sleep Council has a number or resources for consumers to assist them in buying a new mattress, including this Web site: The new site offers a test that mattress shoppers can take to help them evaluate their sleep patterns and mattresses, as well as a Better Sleep Guide, which outlines additional factors consumers should consider when deciding if it is time to buy a new mattress.

Consumers wanting to determine if it is time to shop for a new mattress should consider the following when evaluating their existing mattress:

Do you wake up with pain, stiffness, or soreness?
Do you sleep as well as you did a year ago?
Did you have your best night’s sleep somewhere other than your own bed?
Does your mattress show visible signs of wear and tear?
If you answer “yes” to any of the above, it may be time to consider buying a new mattress.

The Better Sleep Council has also developed the SLEEP Test to help individuals evaluate which new mattress is the appropriate purchase for them.

Select a mattress.
Lie down in sleep position.
Evaluate the level of comfort and support.
Educate yourself about each selection.
Partners should shop together.

“The Lancet study confirms what many consumers have known for years - investing in the right mattress is an investment in your health,” Shark added. “In the new year, resolve to take the time to consider if you are getting the best night’s sleep possible on your current mattress.”

Article courtesy of The Better Sleep Council.

Don't Lose Sleep Over Your Mattress.
Study shows a new mattress may reduce back pain.

ALEXANDRIA, VA, January 20, 2004— Still waking up in 2004 with an aching back and not quite feeling like yourself? A new study published in the British medical journal, The Lancet suggests your mattress may be the cause.

A Spanish study of more than 300 individuals with chronic lower-back pain tested if mattress firmness improved or exacerbated participants’ symptoms. Participants that previously slept on both very-firm and medium-firm mattresses, were asked to sleep on new, very-firm and medium-firm mattresses for 90 days. Both test groups confirmed they experienced an improvement in their level of pain. Partners of those experiencing back pain also experienced improvement as well.

“This study demonstrates that replacing your mattress may help alleviate lower back pain and thereby improve your quality of life,” said Nancy Shark, executive director of The Better Sleep Council. “It is important consumers recognize that they have the ability to start each day with a good night’s sleep by finding out what mattress is right for them

Natural Ways To Help You Sleep

red headed lady sleeping hands over eyes.


A Nap At Work? Maybe.

lady asleep at her desk


Sleep Positions

Check out the link below and play the very interesting video.


What's For Dinner? Choose Wisely For Better Sleep.


Sleep and College Students

college student looking at tablet

Smart Sleep

Oil painting of child sleeping


Sleep Changes As We Age

couple sleeping on goose down pillow

Productivity and Sleep


lady asleep at desk at work



Sleep Is A Weapon

soldier in fron of flag


Help for Allergy Sufferers To Get Better Sleep


Sleep Deprived At Work

New Study on Sleep

man sleeping, image is a negative showing brain and spine


Maybe Jennifer Can Help With Insomnia.

jannifer aniston


Help Your College Kids Succeed With Better Sleep

book cover Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington


You Might Sleep Better With These Bedroom Decor Tips

lady sleeping on back on goose down pillow


A New Gadget That Might Help With Better Sleep?

lady asleep with special sleep aid on her head

Sleep Is The Key To Success

luxury down comforter and puffy goose down pillows on a bed with headphones sitting on top


Sleep Habits of Successful Millennials

Indian Millennial Entrepreneur



Sleep Like You Are On Vacation Every Night!

goose down pillows on a hotel trolley


Another Reason Sleep Is Important.

brain scan showing alzheimers


lady sleeping arms over face


Separate Beds? Maybe. Apparently many couples are doing this in the quest for a good night's sleep.

couple in separate beds


The Color Of Your Walls May Affect Your Sleep

light colored bedroom showing goose down comforter and down pillows on bed all in grey



Alcohol Can Definitely Affect Your Sleep

lady asleep holding empty beer glass

Tips To Help With Snoring

illustration mad sleeping in bed


Are You Tired After A Long Sleep?




8 Scary Side Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

young woman yawning, sleep deprived


Reading Devices In Bed Can Impact Sleep.

man on iphone in bed in the dark

A Surprising Cure for Insomnia.

 lady sleeping

Make Your Bedroom a Sleep Cave.

couple sleeping on goose down pillow Do's and Don'ts For Better Sleep couple trying to fall asleep hugging down pillow
Holiday Time Can Make You More Sleepy lady in hammock Working On No Sleep?
sleep deprived man holding coffee cup 10 Signs You Are Sleep Deprived. Get Back To Sleep Fast. man in bed on pc trying to fall asleep

Fall Asleep Fast

lady holding tea reading trying to fall asleep fast
Transform Your Sleep In 7 Days
pillow with letter A embossed onit

From Airlines to Hotels, A Quest To Help You Sleep

illustration lady sleeping on back of flying bird

14 Reasons You Still Can't Sleep

couple sleeping under down comforter, man snoring
You follow all the sleep rules to the letter, but you're still not getting the rest you need. Here are some reasons you're tired.
By Corrie Pikul
Original Content | January 17, 2012

Read more:

Get The Facts On Better Sleep

lady sleeping under down comforter, hugging pillow


Sleep is Important Read On.

Sleep Your Way To Better Health

Make Your Retreat A Special Haven.

Another Take on The Cure for Insomnia

messy bed from person with insomnia

Lady covering eyes, waking up after a good sleep.

also from Oprah

Rethinking Your

young man in bed on iphone

Planning a Day in Bed?

For other interesting tips for Better Sleep


How to Sleep Better and Have More Energy
In an excerpt from his book, The Source, Woodson Merrell, MD, explains how to get quality sleep quickly and easily.
By Woodson Merrell, MD
O, The Oprah Magazine | From the October 2008 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine

Read more:

young woman sleeping under puffy goose down comforter and hugging down pillows
Deep Sleep Now
By Dr. Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen
Expert Content | January 15, 2006

Read more:

8 Habits of Good Sleepers As seen on Shine from March 28th 2012

dark haired lady sleeping on back

Everyone knows a full eight hours of sleep each night is what the body needs to optimally function. But, if you're having problems hitting the hay or staying asleep, read these healthy habits so you can wake up feeling fully rested.

#1: Don't Eat Right Before Bed
Having a snack just before you hit the hay can cause you to wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, or worse, heartburn.

#2: Avoid Snoozing in on Weekends
As sad as it is to say, sleeping in can ruin your sleep. Your body responds well to routine, so sticking to your regular bedtime patterns is a must to stay well rested.

#3: Read a Good Book
For chronic non-sleepers (hello, insomniacs!) grabbing a soothing read right before bed can help you drift to sleep.

#4: Ditch Digital Gadgets
The brightness of screens on computers, smart phones, and other gadgets stimulate the brain and force you to stay awake.

#5: Skip That Glass of Wine
You may think that glass of wine you have before bed helps you relax and fall asleep, but it actually does the opposite-it disrupts the stages of sleep which can cause you to wake up or toss and turn throughout the night.

Read More: The Best Overnight Skin Treatments

#6: Drop the Coffee
Beverages like coffee, tea, or soda, and even foods with chocolate have high doses of caffeine that will keep you awake. Try not to consume these items at least 6-7 hours before bed.

#7: Work Out Earlier
Exercise increases your body temperature and elevates your energy level. Both of these can disrupt your sleeping patterns, so avoid working out a couple of hours before bed.

#8: Have Sex
While sex may keep you up past your bedtime, the chemical released post-orgasm (oxytocin) can help you both sleep like a baby.

Stress-Busters For Better Sleep

feet hanging out of a down comforter

Are You Always Tired?

clock with tired face

Sleep Myths


Bed Time Rituals That May Help You Sleep Better

Still Not Getting Enough Sleep? Read on from The New York Times.

illustration man sleeping sheep flying overhead

A Smart Reason To Get Enough Sleep.

boy sleeping


Are You A Lark Or An Owl? How You Start The Day
May Be Related to Genes.

lady stretching, man yawning


Good Night. Sleep Clean.

Illustration showing inside our brain while sleeping


illustration lady sleeping

Lost Sleep May Lead To Loss of Brain Cells.

lady taking hammer to alarm cloc k