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Custom sizes available
for your boat, camper
or special size bed.


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Featherbeds & Down Beds

improves any bed! Naturally
Sleep like you're on vacation every night.

Is your mattress too firm or needs replacement? We have the answer. Cushion your body from the stresses of the day, from aching joints and muscles or from a mattress that is too firm. Introducing our fine line of featherbeds and down beds. Choose a mostly feather blend or 50/50 white down and feather. In addition we offer our luxury line of featherbeds BodyCloud.These are generously filled with specialty blends of premium fillings like the 50/50 white goose down and feather or the ultimate filling all white goose down. Add a sumptuous feeling to any mattress. Don't waste another night tossing and turning. Add a little luxury and sink into a BodyCloud luxurious featherbed or the ultimate down bed, & your body will thank you for the best night's sleep ever.


95/5 featherbed down on top baffle box style

Premium Featherbed (95% duck feather 5% duck on the bottom, white down on top), Premium BodyCloud
from $295

down featherbed

Deluxe BodyCloud
( 50/50 white goose down/feather)
extra stuffed
from $1100

Luxury Sleep Packages.

(Snowgoose Comforter, pillows & featherbed)

from $$1300

Snowgoose down comforter,pillows, featherbed package value price



Featherbed Covers


down featherbed

Luxury Featherbed(50/50 goose down/feather)
from $995

all down bed

Connoisseur's Choice
Down Beds
the ultimate mattress topper.
All white goose down from $1995

all down bed

Down Doctor Featherbed Cleaning & Renovation.


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