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Expert Cleaning
& Renovation
Down Doctor Services

to ensure a lifetime of
beauty and total luxury.

clean and re-stuff down comforter, down pillows, clean featherbed



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Connoisseur's Choice
For Comfort Lovers with Discerning Taste.

down comforter inside white duvet cover

When only the very best will do, this opulent choice of comfort products will surround you with heirloom quality luxury for life. Start with a luxury LuxBed mattress, and top it off with a BodyCloud down bed. Add either the very rare Eiderdown comforter and pillows or our finest Snowgoose Canadian white goose down comforter and pillows. Add your own style with our wide assortment of luxury linens from Europe and you have the quintessential bed of your dreams. We guarantee the best night's sleep for life.

See what other discerning customers have to say about our Connoisseur's Choice Eiderdown, the Snowgoose line of super luxury comforters and pillows, and BodyCloud Down Beds and Featherbeds, the ultimate mattress topper. Enjoy these Ultimate Heirloom Comforts for the rest of your life.

Down Comforters & Pillows deliver more year round comfort.


blonde lady under down comforter lying on down pillow

Connoisseur's Choice Snowgoose
Down Comforters from
$1075 queen size.


baffle box stitch down comforter

Baffle Box

channel stitch down comforter
Channel baffle


snowgoose down pillows


Connoisseur's Choice Down Pillows from $270

We make any Size Connoisseur's Choice Snowgoose Down Comforter and BodyCloud Down Bed. Call for pricing. 1-800-USA-DOWN


Goose Down Bed, The Ultimate Mattress Topper.
lady lying on BodyCloud Down Bed and down pillow

Connoisseur's Choice BodyCloud Down Bed
(All White Goose Down)

BodyCloud Down Bed

from $2500

channel stitch down comforter Eiderdown Comforters & Pillows Gossamer soft,
The Down of Royalty.
Eiderdown Comforters from $7950 Pillows from $2900


Snowgoose down comforter, Snowgoose down pillows, BodyCloud down/featherbed

The Snowgoose System
Down Comforter, Down Pillows, Featherbed Package

from $1400 queen size.

Luxury European Linens

luxury Italian duvet cover white and red over down comforter, matching shams and pillowcases on down pillows luxury Italian ivory duvet cover on down comforter, matching shams and pillowcases on goose down pillows

LuxBed Luxury Mattresses

luxury mattress


To Order Call 800 USA DOWN or 212 840 2550