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baffle box stitch cotton sateen comforter

Confused About Choosing The Right Down Comforter?

When you decide to purchase a down comforter you are selecting the warmest, most luxurious and comfortable way to sleep. Possibly you want to be warmer in bed, feel luxurious or just sleep better. There are a lot of down comforters out there, many without any real information for the consumer to make an educated purchase. Considering you spend 1/3 of your life in bed you should consider buying a high quality down comforter from a down bedding specialist, otherwise you will be replacing your down comforter every 3 or 4 years, and you will not be able to use it year-round. Choose a high quality goose down comforter from a down specialist and you will enjoy it year-round for many years, plus if they offer cleaning and renovation services, you will have it for life.

Here is what you really need to know:

1) All down is not created equal. Goose down is better than duck down. Down from mature geese that live in cold climates produce larger down clusters that trap more body heat keeping you warmer as well as lofting up to produce a comforter that is puffy without weight. Fill-power is the measurement of a down cluster's ability to loft up after compression. 650 fill-power and up is considered luxury quality. The higher the fill-power the greater the thermal properties and the puffier the comforter. There is also cluster count to consider. This is the percentage of whole down clusters as opposed to pieces of broken down known as "fly". Canadian White Goose Down is considered to be the finest white goose down in the world. Siberian, Hungarian and Polish white goose downs are premium qualities and the very rare Eiderdown, the ultimate in softness and warmth without weight is the best down in the world.

2) Down will eventually "leak" out of anything other than a cotton cambric down-proof fabric. What makes the long staple Egyptian cotton fabric down-proof is not just a high thread count but calendering. This is a natural process of compressing the fabric between giant steel rollers to fill in spaces invisible to the eye. The best cambric cotton down-proof fabric comes from Germany or Switzerland. Many of the cambric cottons are made with a sateen finish. They are very soft, durable and breathable. Thread counts over 300 are best and will remain down-proof for 10-15 years. For Eiderdown the best ticking is Swiss Batiste the lightest of all down-proof cambric cottons with the highest thread count, sateen finish and a silky soft touch, woven specifically for Eiderdown the softest down in the world.

3) Comforters come in open stitch (Karo-Step and Ring Stitch) where the filling can move, closed stitch (sew-thru box stitches) fixing the filling into one small box, Baffle Box Stitch, which is a modified box (the filling will move, though less than in a ring or Karo stitch), and the Baffle Channel Tri-Wall construction, a channel stitch with a triangular baffle wall to prevent unwanted shifting. The channel tri-wall, the ultimate couple friendly comforter style, is very beneficial as it allows the filling to be adjusted on one side for truly individual comfort. This is especially useful in summer, or when one person is a warmer sleeper than the other. Baffles prevent cold spots and allow premium downs to loft up to their full potential. Less filling is required in a sew-thru stitch, making these comforters better for summer.

4)The temperature of your bedroom will determine the best comforter for you. Look for a year-round goose down or Eiderdown comforter. Most high quality goose down or Eiderdown comforters are year-round for bedrooms 60 - 72 degrees.

Lisa Stevens is a Comfort Specialist for The Down Company. Since 1973 she has been offering her expertise in the selection and care of luxury down bedding. She can be reached at
1-800-USA-DOWN or

down bed baffle box style
A Luxury Featherbed Delivers The Ultimate Sleep Experience .

Since we spend a third of our life in bed, it makes sense to enjoy the experience with as much luxury as we can. Featherbeds have become enormously popular in the last few years. Comfort lovers just want more luxury in bed, or people get their new luxury mattress home to find it is too firm. Just what is a featherbed? It is the ultimate mattress topper, far superior to cotton, polyester or wool and it is much thicker and more sumptuous, and will last for years. It is filled with either mostly feather, a combination of down and feather, or all down, known as a down bed. This cushiony luxury, used with a cover for protection, goes on top of your mattress under the fitted sheet to add pure luxury and sublime comfort to deliver better sleep year-round.

Today's luxury featherbeds are not your Grandma's featherbed. In her day it literally was a bag of feathers. There are many featherbeds available, the majority are made of 95% duck feather 5% duck down (not considered luxury). Feathers are flat with a hard quill, down is the soft undercoating from the bird's breast. Goose down is better than duck down, the down clusters are larger, and at least 50/50 down/feather is better than mostly feathers, which are hard and "crunchy", and they tend to leak out of the best feather-proof casing over time.

There are some truly luxury featherbeds available using white goose down and feather, with larger percentages of high fill-power goose down, and even all down. The fill-power is the measurement of the down cluster's ability to loft up after compression. The higher lofting downs make puffier featherbeds. 650 fill-power or higher goose down for a featherbed is luxury quality. More down in your featherbed means a more luxurious look and an incomparable level of comfort. A down bed with all white goose down would be softer and the puffiest. More luxury to sink into. You can put your featherbed in its cover under your fitted sheet (you may need an extra deep fitted sheet), or you can put it on top of your fitted sheet with an extra fitted sheet over it. It may not be as neat, but it will be puffier and softer, easy to fluff up.

The most common styles are baffle box, 3 compartment, or channel. It is better to have a baffle box to keep the filling from unwanted shifting, and at least a 3" - 4" baffle.

Always use a featherbed cover to protect your featherbed or down bed. Choose one that will accommodate the baffle construction to allow the filling (especially if it is a high percentage of down or all down) to loft up, and with zippers on 3 sides for easy removal. Fluff up, and turn over your featherbed weekly when you wash the cover. Send your featherbed to a down bedding specialist for cleaning every 3 or 4 years and for renovation after 7 - 10 years. Another good idea is to invest in some extra deep fitted sheets so that you get the full loft of your featherbed. A too tight fitted sheet will pull the featherbed down making it flatter. This would defeat the purpose of having a high down content luxury featherbed.

An investment in a quality featherbed or down bed is well worth it since it will deliver an unparalleled level of comfort for life with proper cleaning and renovation. Purchasing from a down specialist ensures a wide selection to choose from and knowledgeable staff. Choose a specialist that offers expert cleaning/renovation services so you will have your luxury featherbed for life.

Lisa Stevens is a Comfort Specialist for The Down Company. Since 1973 she has been offering her expertise in the selection and care of luxury down bedding. She can be reached at
1-800-USA-DOWN or

yellow daisy
It’s Spring Cleaning Time. Don’t Forget Your Luxury Down Bedding & Sofa Cushions.

Spring time is here and as we enthusiastically open up our windows, begin cleaning or redecorating, let's not forget our down comforters, down pillows and featherbeds. Comforters and pillows should be cleaned professionally every 3 - 4 years and renovated every 7 - 10 years. Featherbeds should be renovated every 7 - 10 years. Proper care keeps them fresh and beautiful ensuring they will last for years. It is also a good time to plump them back up with extra filling if they have become flat.

Never wash or dry-clean down. Harmful chemicals and soap will rob the down of its oils leaving you with a flat pillow, comforter or featherbed. It will also cause pieces of the down cluster to break off interfering with its ability to trap body heat. There will also be a bad odor from dry-cleaning fluids. Drying can be problematic due to the size of comforters and featherbeds. If down is not dried properly, mildew will set in, leaving you with a bad odor and a problem for allergy sufferers. Dry-cleaners do not have equipment large enough for featherbeds.

Down bedding purchased within the last 3 or 4 years should be hung over a line on a warm, sunny, breezy day. Let nature refresh and rejuvenate them. If this is not possible hang them over a couple of chairs near an open window. Placing comforters and pillows in a dryer will fluff up the filling if it has flattened or you may wish to add some filling when you get them cleaned. If your down comforters, pillows and featherbeds are over 4 or 5 years old, take them to a down care specialist. They will be expertly cleaned and reconditioned using an all natural method which will plump up the filling and deodorize it, remove any dust. Possibly they need a complete renovation which includes cleaning, reconditioning and a new outer shell. If you wish to plump up your comforter, pillows and featherbed (which will reduce annoying shifting, and add extra warmth), additional filling can be added at this time.

If you purchased a high quality down comforter, most can be used year round. If you do store your comforter because you have a summer down comforter or prefer to use only a sheet, store the comforter in a cotton bag, not a plastic bag.

Take care of your down bedding by having it cleaned by a down professional. Luxury quality down comforters, pillows and featherbeds deserve the proper care to protect your investment so you can enjoy your down luxuries for life.

When your down bedding is returned from being cleaned or renovated, remember to always use pillow protectors on pillows, a high thread count lightweight duvet cover to protect your down comforter, and a featherbed cover preferably with a baffle wall to allow your newly cleaned featherbed to loft up to its full potential especially if you have added extra filling.

Did you receive an heirloom down comforter from your grandmother? After it is cleaned and renovated you can decide whether to keep the same size or upgrade to a larger size.

Don't forget your down and feather sofa cushions and throw cushions. These too can be cleaned/reconditioned, have extra filling added to plump up a sagging chair or sofa and new ticking to prevent loss of feathers and down. Look for baffling in your new ticking if you are having your sofa cushions renovated. This prevents the filling from moving out to the sides when you sit on the sofa or lean back on the back cushions. Baffling will keep it all in place.

Lisa Stevens is a Comfort Specialist for The Down Company. Since 1973 she has been offering her expertise in the selection and care of luxury down bedding. She can be reached at
1-800-USA-DOWN or


The Right Bedding Can Save Energy.

The rising cost of energy affects everyone and everything in our lives.  Whether it is fuel for the car, shipping a parcel,  or heating your home, the ever increasing costs of energy  are a significant part of our household budgets.

Looking for ways to save on energy is worth the effort.  You can find the lowest price for gas, though it may mean driving around, thereby negating your savings.  A better plan is to plan your trips to be more efficient or leave the car at home whenever possible.  It might be more cost affective for some to take public transportation.  You can use the post office as the least expensive method for shipping a parcel,  or  shop online,  as many retailers offer free shipping (not always, but as a promotion).  Heating your home is a large expense for most parts of the country.  Converting from all electric to oil or gas can be expensive and will take a few years to realize the savings. By far the easiest method to save on heating is to turn down your thermostat.  Some people like to sleep in a cool bedroom and this is definitely the healthiest way to sleep, but some prefer just a sheet or cotton cover and keep the heat up above 68 degrees.  This is both costly and unhealthy as high heat can dry out your sinuses.  It is also not good for your skin.

Sleeping under a high quality down comforter with a style and filling to suit the way you sleep is the best way to turn down the thermostat.  A bedroom of average temperature 65 is very comfortable.  A down comforter with a fill power of 750 or more,  would  allow the thermostat to be turned down to 60 or lower.  This may sound scary to some, but a really good down comforter will keep you toasty warm in winter and cool in summer.  The higher the fill power (the measurement of a down cluster's ability to loft up and trap air), the warmer you will be.  You will have a light as air cover with maximum warmth and it feels so much better than any other bed covering. Those of us who like to sleep with the windows open would need the high fill power down for maximum comfort. 

Make sure you have a timer on the thermostat, so that when you get up in the morning the other rooms are at the temperature you prefer during the day, especially the bathroom.  Turning down your thermostat at night will show up right away in savings, which in a relatively short time will pay for that high quality down comforter which  with proper care of cleaning and renovation will last a lifetime.

Lisa Stevens is a Comfort Specialist for The Down Company. Since 1973 she has been offering her expertise in the selection and care of luxury down bedding. She can be reached at 1-800-USA-DOWN or

Eiderdown, For a Princely Sum You Can Sleep Like Royalty.

You don’t have to be titled or a celebrity to sleep under the finest down comforter in the world. Eiderdown is an exceptional down that is very rare, gossamer soft, light as air, with powerful thermal properties. Truly the connoisseur’s choice. It is expensive, but then it does last for a lifetime, and considering you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, why not treat yourself to the ultimate in luxury for the bed.

Unlike goose down where there are tons available in the world, there are only a few thousand pounds of Eiderdown produced each year. This wild bird from far northern regions like Iceland, Canada and Scotland, lines the nest with the down, the soft undercoating from the breast. When the nest has been abandoned the down is harvested and cleaned. Eiderdown today comes from farms where the birds are protected. Due to recent popularity of Eiderdown, it is in short supply and so the price has increased significantly.

The Eider duck lives in a very cold climate and so the down clusters have powerful thermal properties. An Eiderdown comforter is super lightweight yet can keep you toasty warm in winter, with the windows open. It is also cool and comfortable in summer. The ultra breathable Swiss cotton batiste is woven especially for Eiderdown and is incredibly light and silky soft. An Eiderdown pillow is soft, but medium can be achieved by using an inner core of premium goose down, or you can use all Eiderdown, but this will be quite an expensive pillow.

For the fortunate few who are able to get Eiderdown, one night and they will understand all the buzz about Eiderdown, why it is incomparable to any other luxury down comforter or pillow. With proper care this exquisite bedding will last a lifetime and become a treasured heirloom.

Lisa Stevens is a Comfort Specialist for The Down Company. Since 1973 she has been offering her expertise in the selection and care of luxury down bedding. She can be reached at
1-800-USA-DOWN or

leather sofa stuffed with down/feather inserts

Is Your Sofa or Chair Fanny Friendly?


If you have ever “sunk” into a truly luxury sofa or chair, you know it had to be down or down and feather. You nestled into the plush, fat cushions, you just did not want to get up. What a feeling.

There is nothing so luxurious in a sofa or chair as natural filling, especially if it has a high percentage of down. Most sofas and chairs with natural filling are usually foam surrounded by a little natural filling that is usually all feathers or 95% feather 5% down. The truly luxury sofas and chairs are the real deal, all down or at least 50/50 down and feather. If you have a sofa or chair that you really love, but the inserts are foam or foam and feather, it is worth considering an upgrade to all natural filling with as high a percentage of down as possible. With proper care the natural filling will last for many years.
If you already have natural filling in your sofa or chair but maybe over time it has sagged, this could be due to age or insufficient filling or the casings are not baffled, allowing the filling to move and so produce an uneven insert. It is time for new inserts.

Lisa Stevens is a Comfort Specialist for The Down Company. Since 1973 she has been offering her expertise in the selection and care of luxury down bedding. She can be reached at
1-800-USA-DOWN or

lady smiling lying on goose down pillow

Are You Still Sleeping with That Pain in The Neck?

 No I am not talking about your significant other. I am talking about your pillow. Are you still scrunching it in half, constantly adjusting it throughout the night, tossing and turning? A sleeping pillow is very personal, very individual. Pillows are not one size fits all. The right pillow ensures a good night’s sleep by keeping your head in the right position.

There are many sleeping pillows to choose from, cotton, wool, latex, polyester or natural filling like goose down. Most pillows come soft, medium and firm. A down bedding specialist will carry high quality goose down that will stay lofty. You will be able to try many pillows with different qualities of goose down and each a different firmness. Generally, people who are stomach sleepers require a soft pillow, back sleepers a medium pillow and side sleepers a firm pillow, unless they are petite then a medium would be better. Some down bedding specialists will offer the service of adjusting the pillow once you have slept on it a few nights. Now that’s the perfect sleeping pillow.

A high quality goose down pillow with the right amount of filling will cradle your head and keep your head at the correct angle for a good night’s sleep. A high quality white goose down and the proper care will prevent the pillow from flattening out, keeping the loft to support your head and spine in the correct alignment. Regular cleaning and conditioning (not washing or dry-cleaning) by a down specialist will not only sanitize the down, it will re-fluff it and keep it lofty, and remove any dust. You should clean your down pillows about every 3 - 4 years to keep them fresh and fluffy. Choose a high thread count for the casing to ensure the down will not “leak” out. Swiss Batiste is the lightest, most durable and the most down proof material with a very high thread count. Any cotton cambric 300 and over will be very durable and down proof.

So for that all important personal pillow, get what you really need for a perfect night’s sleep. No more sleeping with multiple flat pillows to get the correct density for the way you sleep. Choose a high quality Eiderdown or white goose down pillow and have it made just for you. You will be rewarded with years of sleeping without that pain in the neck. Once you have your perfect pillow, get an extra one for traveling. You will not want to be without it.

Lisa Stevens is a Comfort Specialist for The Down Company. Since 1973 she has been offering her expertise in the selection and care of luxury down bedding. She can be reached at
1-800-USA-DOWN or

lady sleeping on plump goose down pillow

A Good Night’s Sleep. The New Luxury.

So many people today are sleep deprived. Once it was taken for granted for most of us to sleep a good 7 or 8 hours restfully. Instead, it is now considered the new luxury. Something most of us would love to have yet find elusive in attaining.

The stress of modern life, working longer hours, balancing family and work leaves us longing for this luxury of a good night’s sleep, but there are just not enough hours in the day. So what is the solution? We must acknowledge that a good night’s sleep is very, very important to our overall health. This rejuvenating sleep will improve productivity, counter stress, boost our immune system and help us take on the challenges of the next day. Once acknowledged, then you are on your way to finding solutions.

There are several areas to address to achieve this goal:

1) Environmental . Your sleeping area should be much cooler than the rest of the house. Turn your heat down at night to at least 65 degrees. Open up a window. You will sleep better, toss less and save on energy at the same time.

2) Behavioral. Try and go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time. Do not consume caffeine right before going to bed and limit alcohol consumption. Do not exercise right before going to bed. Reading a book would be far better than watching t.v. before bedtime.

3) Mattress. Do you have a good quality mattress that supports your spine in the right position? There are some really luxurious mattresses available with coil springs, or solid latex or slat beds (like in Europe). These luxury mattresses are designed specifically to deliver superb comfort and support, ensuring your body is positioned correctly for enhanced sleep. If your mattress is too soft or too firm, a luxury featherbed or down bed on top of your mattress will solve this problem. The extra cushioning from a down mattress topper will offer an increased level of comfort to your mattress, but the featherbed or down bed is exponentially more cushioning and luxuriously comfortable and will make your mattress more back friendly.

4) Bedcovering. Is your bed covering too heavy, does it breathe, is it the right size, or are you having a tug of war with the covers? You will need something warmer if you turn down your heat. Down is nature’s best insulator. A high quality down comforter will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. The higher cost of the initial purchase will be compensated in energy savings and incomparable comfort year round. Choose a Channel baffle design down comforter for truly individual comfort.

5) Pillows. Are you sleeping on pillows that are too flat, piling them up to get the right height or are they too firm giving you a sore neck? To keep your head in the right position for correct spine alignment you need a pillow that is right for the way you sleep. A high quality down pillow that is made just for your style of sleeping (side, back or stomach), will keep your head aligned. A stomach sleeper should have a soft pillow, a back sleeper a medium pillow and a side sleeper a firm pillow unless you are petite, then a medium would be better suited. It is better to try a pillow in a store by putting it on a bed. Even then you may get it home and after a few nights find it is not the right pillow for you. Look for a specialty store as they usually have many densities to try and will often adjust the filling for you after you have taken it home.

In our opinion all these simple solutions will greatly enhance your sleep experience, which in turn will make you more productive and enjoy life better. Don’t toss and turn one more night, try these simple changes and get the good night’s sleep you need to wake up rejuvenated and refreshed.

Lisa Stevens is a Comfort Specialist for The Down Company. Since 1973 she has been offering her expertise in the selection and care of luxury down bedding. She can be reached at
1-800-USA-DOWN or

down comforter, down pillow airong on windowsill open window

Proper  Care  for Down Bedding For a Lifetime of Luxurious Comfort.

It’s summertime and while many are sweltering in the heat, the last thing on your mind is  your  favourite down comforter, down pillow or featherbed.  If you did not get around to it in the spring, it is still not too late to give the proper care and attention to your down favourites so they are good to go, cleaned, refreshed, re-fluffed for the fall and those first cool nights, plus give you a lifetime of luxury, comfort and better sleep.

If you have a high quality down comforter, that is with a high thread count down proof casing, plus a high lofting white goose down over 650 fill-power, and the right weight for the way you sleep (the temperature in your bedroom), it is not necessary to take it off the bed in summer.  Having a baffle channel style is even better as the filling can be massaged down to the bottom of the comforter leaving it extra light on top. If you do keep your comforter on the bed all year, this is the time of year you can afford to give it up to take care of it.

If your comforter or featherbed is over 10 years old, or it is very dirty or leaking it should be renovated.  Renovation is cleaning the filling and putting it  into  a new casing.  If your pillow  is  over 5 years old, very stained or leaking,  it is time to renovate.  Pillows tend to be renovated more often than comforters even when using pillow protectors due to a person's natural hair oils. Extra filling can be added to your comforter, featherbed or pillow if needed at this time, plus if you wish to change your comforter style from a box stitch to a baffled channel, this is an opportune time to do this.

If  your  down  favourites are fairly new and you have access to a clothesline or a flat surface outside, put them out on a sunny warm day when the humidity is low.  In some parts of the country that may mean waiting until the first weeks of September.  Doing this annually will keep your down products refreshed and remove any excess moisture.  You can also do this during the winter in the clothes dryer (if you missed doing it in the spring or summer),  but  only with a pillow or comforter as featherbeds would not fit, even in a commercial dryer.  Set the dryer on low and add 2 clean tennis balls or a clean sneaker.  This will re-fluff your downs and  remove any excess moisture.

Always protect your down comforter with a duvet cover, protect your pillows with high thread count cotton zippered protectors and your featherbed with a cotton featherbed cover, also with a high thread count. Wash these protective covers every 3 or 4 weeks.

Some other articles of interest in the care of down bedding.

Lisa Stevens is a Comfort Specialist for The Down Company. Since 1973 she has been offering her expertise in the selection and care of luxury down bedding. She can be reached at 1-800-USA-DOWN or